Grids & Fog of War

When desired, add a Square or Hex Grid to your Map, using the Grid Tool. Grids allow you to:

  • Show a beveled transparent or colored base under your token
  • Finely match the iTabletop grid to a visual grid already drawn on your map
  • Show or not show grid lines
  • Snap to, or not snap to, your tokens to the grid cells
  • Use facing, which provides an easy way to quickly set 8 directions of facing for the square grid, and 6 directions of facing for the hex grid. If your tokens are top down perspective, you can even set the facing to rotate the token itself, in addition to showing the default green, highlighted facing edge.

Fog of War is fully supported on maps as well. The GM, who sees the FoW as semi-transparent red, can easily carve out, or add, rectangular and elliptical regions of FoW. She can make many refinements and corrections, and then Send the changes all at once, when it's just right,  to the players, who see the FoW as opaque black. iTabletop 3 FoW now blocks token tooltips as well, if 75% or more of the token is obscured by FoW.

Rich Media for Storytelling

iTabletop is built to handle any style of roleplaying game, even cross-genre games. For Storytelling and Ambiance, you can load an unlimited amount of images, music, sound effects, and videos into any token, and then trigger them for your players to help unfold the story. And all the media is stored in the cloud and cached in major cities all around the world, so it loads fast and plays smooth.

With iTabletop you never have to "be the server." By harnessing Amazon's legendary media-delivery infrastructure, you can feel comfortable using large media files, and no matter how many people are using iTabletop at any given time, our speed of content delivery won't waver.

Take Notes

Every token has a Character Journal attached. This journal can hold any information you want. It can even function as the character sheet if you want. Add a chapter for character background info. Add one for stats. Add one for equipment, weapons, etc. Also use this journal to track anything going on for that character - just like you'd jot things down on a pad of paper in an in-person game.

As changes are made to Character Journals, the changes flow instantly to everyone in the game, so anyone with permissions to see a token's journal, can get updated info. As the GM, you can even make a token for yourself that you use to hold private game notes and info. You can hide it so players don't see it, but you can use it whenever and however you want.

Use Tracking Mats

For Tracking Initiative, combat rounds, or just anything, you can easily make or find a reusable mat image, instantly clone your players' character tokens and your NPC tokens onto it, and just drag the cloned tokens or pogs into the proper order and placement. Lock note tokens onto the mat, and you've got the digital equivalent of a dry-erase combat pad. iTabletop gives you flexible building-blocks that you can use to build just about anything you need.

With the new QuickTracker™ feature we've just released in iTabletop 3, one click adds a complete, ready-to-use combat tracker mat to your game. Just click the button and it appears, clone your PC and NPC tokens to the pad, and you're ready to track. Give us an idea what you need, and we'll make more high-quality trackers that match your game, for you to choose from.

Make Notes

A new feature, QuickNotes™, gives you the ability to add the coolest, most photo-realistic visual notes anywhere in your game.

QuickNotes comes with about 20 background styles including things like gnarled note paper, grimy taped-up notes, notepads, and medieval scrolls. And you can make notes on any of your own images as well, getting just the right feel for your game.

In fact, you can quickly add a note to any token in the game, giving you the ability to get very creative.