iTabletop 3 CharacterChat is an upgrade to the in-game text chat feature, allowing you to easily set who the chat is coming from. Not only does the character token name show as the sender of the message, but the current selected image for that character token is also shown in the Text Chat list.

This feature has two powerful modes to choose from. One, "Selected", that allows you to quickly select tokens, hopping from character to character, and another, "Strict", that requires a more deliberate and persistent choice as to who you want to be.



RoomPrivacy isn't as steamy as it sounds. It's simply a great way for you to be able to control who you're talking with during your game.

When you build your game, if you choose the option "Guests See Everyone in: (●) Their Current Room", then you only see and hear those who are in the same room or map you're in. This allows you to "guide" a couple of your players to another room or map, and have privacy to share information only their characters should know.

Think of it as being able to send private text chat to selected players, except you're actually doing it through video and voice chat. And it's way cooler.