iTabletop v3.0 TokenActions™ Scripting (In Progress - iTabletop 3D)

[Post Initial v3 Release]

Tokens in iTabletop have always been ultra powerful, holding an unlimited amount of images, music, sounds, videos, and PDFs. TokenActions™ is an upgrade to the token system that allows you to add simple (and complex) macros to any token, and turn it into something that performs an action, using the media it holds and interacting with other tokens and game elements.

The first two macros being enabled allow you to transform your token into a "portal", taking the player to another room or map in your current game, or to another game and room altogether. As with all other recent macro additions like the Label macro, and macros for dice and cards, the TokenActions are placed in the Token's Character Journal, and informative default macros are generated that literally teach you how to use them with examples and features listed that you can uncomment and adjust to use.

The system is being built so that we can easily extend the functionality of these TokenActions and offer more and more powerful things they can do! Imagine Tokens that can interact with other tokens, the grid, the FoW, etc., to provide for scripted, synchronized game play.

TokenActions can be triggered by various circumstances:

  • A click by a player
  • A change in state image, overlay, or music or SFX triggered, the playing of a video, or the opening of a PDF
  • A timer that triggers every certain period of time
  • The Turn Tracker when it is available
  • Other actions by other Tokens or game elements

As you can see the power of this is significant and extensible.

Enjoy TokenActions™ in V3.0!