iTabletop v3.0 Feature: RealDiceā„¢ with Physics (In Progress - iTabletop 3D)

We've begun work on the first iTabletop v3.0 feature: RealDice™ This contains: [Part of iTabletop 3D]

  • A real physics engine with collisions, making it more realistic than the Fantasy Grounds "sort of realistic" dice roller.
  • The ability for you to use your own dice graphics, so you can bring completely customized dice to your iTT games. [Done]
  • Each Die is a token with graphics, sound, and a macro rolling language you define in its journal. [Done]
  • A Dice Cup token can hold any number of Dice tokens you chose. You could make a cup for each type of roll for a character. [Done]
  • A Dice Bag token can hold any number of Dice Cup tokens you choose. So you can have a DnD Dice Bag. A Savage Worlds Dice Bag. Etc. [Done]
  • A character token could hold his own dice bag. Or you can make the dice bag separate and just leave it sitting on the play surface or on a private map you have for your dice rolling. [Done]
  • Bags and cups will be able to gather their dice instantly off the board. [Done]
  • As pure tokens themselves, Bags, Cups and Dice will be shareable in the community sharing system. [Done]
  • Easy systems will allow simply placing dice, cups, and bags on the surface, and selecting which dice go where, cloning dice, etc. [Done]
  • It's object-oriented, visual, and holds to a true dice/cup/bag metaphor. [Done]
  • Since each Die and Cup is a token, give them interesting personalities, including special names and Journal notes about when the die or cup really saved your character's arse.
  • A journal page will show roll history and stats for that particular die or cup so you can get a "feel" for how it's performing.