iTabletop v3.0 Feature: QuickTracker™ (Deployed)



We thought you may want to see the new v3.0 QuickTracker we're just finishing up.

Like the QuickNote, you click one button, and it adds the QuickTracker to you game. Unlike the notes, the QuickTracker is an entire Map, with QuickNotes, arrows, labels, and Character Strips where you can keep track of any information you want!

To keep the game fast, a hotkey "Q" toggles you to and from the QuickTracker instantly. Additionally you'll be able to make as many of these as you want, and also change things using your own labels, etc. Over time we will build more elements that can be switched out for different game systems.

Through any token's Clone/Move window, you can clone a token right to the tracker, and use it to control the combat. This gives you full access to all the dice, character journals, etc., in the token, from the Tracker window! Add a label to the token, and place hit points, or anything you want to track about each token.