iTabletop v3.0 Game Building Enhancements (In Progress)

iTabletop V3.0 will include the following Game Building Enhancements:  [Post Initial v3 Release]
  • Add Rooms and Maps right from the game, without going into the Game Design screen. Changes will flow to players an GM without anyone having to reload the game.

  • Renaming Room Permissions window to Room Settings. Add ability to rename the room. Add ability to replace Room or Map background graphic without interfering with the setup and tokens of the room/map. Changes flow to all players.
  • Add Music and SFX to the game, right from the SoundCanvas popup. No need to go into Game Design.
  • Add PDFs to the game, from the View -> PDFs window. No need to go into Game Design.
  • Adding a new View -> Videos window. Adding videos will be from this window instead of from Game Design.
  • The rest of Game Design becomes one smaller popup window that opens on top of your game.