iTabletop v3.0 CharacterChatâ„¢ (Deployed)

iTabletop V3.0 CharacterChat is an upgrade to the in-game text chat feature, allowing you to easily set who the chat is coming from. Not only does the character token name show as the sender of the message, but the current select image for that character token is also shown in the Text Chat list. [Done]

This feature has two powerful modes. Your choice is remembered by the application:

  • Selected: In this mode, if one of your tokens is selected, your chat will come from this character's name and current image. If none are selected (or more than one) it comes automatically from you, the player. In this mode you can quickly jump from token to token to yourself. Clicking the map deselects all tokens so this in effect selects you. The Me button, just above the chat text entry box, also deselects all tokens and sets the chat from you, the player. [Done]
  • Strict: In strict mode, token selection is ignored. To set chat as coming from a character token, right-click the token, and click the "IM" button in the upper left corner (or kit the "i" key.) Chat will come from this token until you click the "Me" button just above the chat text entry box, setting it to come from you, the player, or the "IM" button of another token. [Done]